Floral Bureau has created an easy to follow care instruction steps to prolong your fresh cut flowers life. Note that it is a very basic, general and brief guide. Some flowers may need extra care and attention, and some don’t.

This care instruction tips has been printed in small tags that the customers will receive with every purchase from Floral Bureau.


For Hand Bouquet

  1. Remove packaging
  2. Strip off leaves below water line
  3. Trim 1-2cm off the stem at a 45° angle and every time you change the water
  4. Place into a clean vase filled with water
  5. Avoid contact with direct sunlight, heat, and ripening fruit
  6. Change water daily

For Glass Vase Arrangement

  1. Avoid contact with direct sunlight, heat, and ripening fruit
  2. Change water daily

For Table Arrangement

  1. Check daily if floral foam is moist
  2. Add water when necessary
  3. Avoid contact with direct sunlight, heat, and ripening fruit
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